Keep Rats and Mice From Invading Your Home

If you hear scratching and crawling sounds coming from your attic or within your walls, there’s a good chance you are deal with mice and rats or some other small animal. In addition to the damage they can cause when they chew through wires and walls, they are the carriers of many diseases that can harm you and your family.

Eliminate the problem of mice and rats from your life and your home with our comprehensive rodent elimination treatments. Taking care of a mice or rat infestation now allows you to protect your home from further destruction and protect your family from potential bites and disease transmission.

Fast, non-disruptive treatments

When dealing with pests – rats or otherwise – you don’t want treatments that are going to disrupt your life. Count on our many flexible options to address the problem quickly and eradicate the issue promptly so you can get back to your regular activities.

Service Available:

  • Thorough inspection
  • Written proposal
  • Effective treatments
  • Removal after treatment

Get Rid of Mice and Rats – and Everything Else

In addition to mice and rats, there are a variety of other pests that go bump in the night. Other rodents or small animals tend to move around when it’s dark as well. If you’re tired of dealing with these noisy pests, call us to book an appointment to eliminate your problem.